Online Therapy Set Up Mini Workbook

Complete this mini workbook to check if your online set up is ready for clients.

Use it to review and create your To Do list for a professional, compliant and risk aware online practice.

Online Therapy Set Up Mini Workbook


Many more therapists are beginning to provide counselling and psychotherapy via secure video conferencing. This worksheet will help get you ready to offer online therapy or update your current online therapy practice.

Categories include:

  • Technical
  • Administration
  • Training
  • Supervision
  • Risk

You can fill in answers and date them, highlight areas you need to address or complete and come back to review regularly. The workbook pages are fillable for your convenience.

The categories give a comprehensive view of the special considerations of working online. For further guidance on creating your complete Therapy Contract and additional Online Therapy Appendix, check out our course “How to Write Your Therapy Contract” or purchase the Therapy Contract bundle here.


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Online Therapy Set Up Mini Workbook
Online Therapy Set Up Mini Workbook

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