“The Complete Document Suite”

Elevate your practice with private practice policies and paperwork that provide an exceptional standard of professionalism.

From your introductory screening call to graduation report with everything in between, this selection of documents provides a complete system of client-facing, colleague-collaborating and internal procedural templates that you can adapt to fit your practice simply by adding your practice name and editing the highlighted selections.




Whether you are moving into private practice or established in the field already, this selection of documents will support you in providing an exceptional standard of professionalism.

From screening through intake to consultation and eventually graduation, we provide customisable templates, scripts, plans, forms and worksheets so that you can focus on being present with your patients, confident in your policies and procedures.

We begin with the introductory call, providing a template and script including what brought them to therapy, a short risk assessment and suggestions for fees and availability planning. Our correspondence templates include a referral letter if you would like to include another professional, such as a consultant psychiatrist, in your new patient’s treatment plan.

For Intake, we provide a full and extensive biopsychosocial assessment and a Welcome Pack which includes Contact Details form, Therapy Contract, Privacy Notice and payments forms such as Reduced Payment, Third Party Payment and Health Insurance Payment forms.

Clinical Session notes, progress reports, treatment plan templates are all provided in addition to internal privacy procedures in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation for therapists working with clients in the European Union.

We also include a safety plan worksheet for practitioners working with patients at risk.

Client-Facing Documents

  • Welcome Pack Cover Page
  • Client Contact Details
  • Therapy Agreement (Adult Clients)
  • Therapy Agreement Summary Page (Adult Clients)
  • Online Therapy Agreement (Adult Clients)
  • GDPR Privacy Notice for Clients
  • Release of Information
  • Third Party Payment
  • Private Health Insurance Reimbursement
  • Reduced Fee Agreement
  • Invoice/Receipt Template
  • Client Safety Worksheet

Practitioner-Facing Templates

  • Correspondence Template – Discharge Report
  • Correspondence Template – Progress Report
  • Correspondence Template – Referral Acknowledgement

Internal Documents

  • GDPR Internal Policies
  • Internal – Clinical Session Note Template
  • Internal – Clinical Will
  • Internal – Email Footer
  • Internal – Intake Assessment
  • Internal – Screening Call Template and Script
  • Internal – Treatment Plan Template

Professional Self Care

  • Therapist Worksheet – Your Private Practice Set Up
  • Therapist Worksheet – Clinical Will Preparation
  • Therapist Worksheet – Setting Up Online Therapy

Buying a bundle saves you time and money because we have already consulted with solicitors, undertaken training and spent many hours researching and editing.

We estimate that it could take over 40 hours to write all these documents alone without the extra research, training and legal review. Best of all, you are saving 40% off the individual document prices.

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