How to Write Your Psychology Today Profile

Psychology Today is a magazine founded in 1967 in the United States and now features thousands of articles, blogs and most importantly, a very user friendly directory which has recently migrated to the United Kingdom and other countries. At the moment, signup is FREE.

Like many therapists, my clients come to me from two main sources: colleagues (doctors, therapists, treatment centres) and Psychology Today.

People who come to me without a referral usually stay with me long term and I believe this is because by the time they find me, they already know we are well matched through my directory listings and website.

Our writing style and key words can demonstrate our approach and personalities and we can make the process easier for potential clients by being clear about our procedures and availability.

Stand out to the Clients you work best with

Signing up to this FREE course takes you through the whole Psychology Today profile step by step with examples from my own and other profiles to give you tips on what to include and what to avoid. We start with a brainstorming exercise, write the personal statement using my formula and finish with all the check boxes and supporting sections.

Now with added section on updating PT profiles due to Covid-19.

This course is for you if:

You are looking for a way to market your practice and connect with clients

You signed up and have had no enquiries

You would feel more confident with a bit of guidance and feedback from peers who have built their practices through directory listings

The course walks you through a formula of nine questions for the three paragraphs of the Psychology Today Personal Statement:

Paragraph 1: Empathy (and Understanding)

Paragraph 2: Hope (and Confidence)

Paragraph 3: Action (and Reassurance)

and offers guidance on all other sections of a PT profile.

Who Leads the Programme?

I am an integrative psychotherapist based at 127 Harley St, London with regular visits to Paris where I work from a lovely courtyard office in the 15th arrondissement. I have also been working online via secure video conferencing for the last 10 years and love having this variety and flexibility in my work.

I am passionate about Professional Self Care in private practice and support other therapists through courses, online communities and providing customisable paperwork templates.

I particularly enjoy writing and editing directory listing profiles and see them as an expression of our professional selves and intentions.