How To Write Your Psychology Today Profile


Are you looking for a way to market your practice and connect with clients?

Have you signed up and had no enquiries?

Would you feel more confident with a bit of guidance and feedback from peers who have built their practices through directory listings?

Our most popular course focuses on building visibility so

the clients you work best with can find you easily.


Signing up to this FREE course takes you through the whole Psychology Today profile step by step with examples from my own and other profiles to give you tips on what to include and what to avoid. We start with a brainstorming exercise, write the personal statement using my formula and finish with all the check boxes and supporting sections.

Now includes section on Updated Profile wordings related to Covid-19 and suggestions relevant to the current climate.

We would love to see how your profile looks after the course!

You are welcome to join the facebook group for feedback and collaboration on this topic with other participants.

How To Write Your Cancellation Policy

So many therapists working in private practice struggle to set and explain clear cancellation terms.

Our difficulties with deciding when to be flexible, how to remind clients or how to follow up after a late cancellation lead to unnecessary rupture and unfortunately in many instances, losing clients.

Signing up to this FREE course takes you through hypothetical scenarios and examples to give you tips on what to include and what to avoid.

Bonus Content:

customisable lawyer reviewed wording

script suggestions for discussing cancellation with clients

template suggestions for follow up emails

Having clarity about our policies and practising how to deliver them can alleviate some of this stress so we can concentrate on doing our best work in session.

How To Write Your Therapy Contract

This course is for you if:

You would like to write your own Therapy Contract but do not know where to start

You are confident in your writing skills but would like to be given headings so you do not miss anything out

You want to understand ethical requirements and guidelines and how to fulfil them

You have purchased a Therapy Agreement template and would like to customise it to fit your practice

Being mindful and clear about the terms of our interaction with clients can make beginning the therapy process easier for them.

When we are confident in our practice policies, we take care of our clients, ourselves and the therapeutic alliance.

Learn to Love Online Therapy

The Experiential Programme

Did you switch over to online therapy due to Covid-19?

Are you finding it more intense and stressful than in-person therapy?

Would you like more confidence and guidance on how to deliver excellent therapy through this medium?


We can do this together.

We cover technical, ethical, legal and theoretical aspects with a UK focus.

We practise with each other, iron out the process from screening to intake and beyond, and work towards giving you confidence and peace of mind so that when you work with your clients online, you are not still trying to figure out how to share screens, plug in your ethernet or write an online therapy contract.

This programme is about giving you confidence and experience.