You Have 20 Seconds...

Psychology Today has a brand new feature.

You can now upload a short video introduction to your profile. It is a total of 20 seconds, so we have only a brief few moments to convey who we are and what we offer to prospective clients.

Video has more power than text. This is an opportunity to speak directly to potential clients and could give profiles an edge over text and photo only. 

For some therapists, recording a video may be a breeze. Others might find it uncomfortable. For anyone who dreads recording a video, I would like to support you in making the process less stressful so you can benefit from this new feature.

Recording Process

Step 1: Planning

Scripting is KEY. We cannot improvise for 20 seconds and say everything we need to. That means we write down everything we will say, with clear pauses indicated for breaths.

Step 2: Read out loud

Practise out loud and make sure it sounds like your vernacular. Record yourself and watch back on your phone. 

Step 3: Set up phone camera position

Make sure that:

  • the phone you record on is vertical (PT does not accept landscape mode)
  • your sound doesn’t echo
  • the lens is at eye level
  • the light isn’t too bright or too dark (keep the light course towards you, not behind you)
  • you aren’t too loud or quiet
  • your background is not distracting (blank or neutral wall)
  • you wipe your camera lens to make sure the picture is clear
  • you record the video where you practise online therapy so they know what to expect
  • you check out the instruction video, which is around 2 minutes long

Video Content

Should the video be about us or the client?

This is new for me too, but I’ll share where my thoughts are right now. I would like to balance reaching out to the client with giving an accurate impression of who I am. I am going to avoid repeating my text intro to make the most of this new opportunity to speak to clients. My priorities are going to be conveying warmth and professionalism.

The instruction video suggests we say how we can help a potential client, and to speak without reading  off your script so they can get a sense of who we are.

Recording Tip: Smile and wait for a few seconds before you start speaking so you can crop without including video of you switching the record button on and off. Same when you finish speaking - make sure to stay still for a few seconds so you have space to crop.

Online Therapy Search

PT asks if you would like to be included in searches for online therapy.

Online Therapy Fees

PT asks us to clarify our online therapy fees for individual sessions and separately for family or couples sessions.

Insurance Panels

They remind us that when clients contact us with a health insurance policy from the insurance companies we list, they expect us to bill the insurance company directly.


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