How to Write Your Psychology Today Profile

My clients come to me from two main sources: colleagues (doctors, therapists, treatment centres) and Psychology Today. Doctors tend to refer a particular client group to me, and we are sometimes a great match. People who come to me through my directory listing and website usually stay with me long term. I believe that we can show our approach through our writing style and key words and that we can make the process easier for potential clients by being clear about our procedures and availability. I kept hearing from fellow therapists how difficult this process is, so I wrote a step by step FREE mini course, walking through every aspect of the profile writing process.

What Is Psychology Today?

Psychology Today is a magazine founded in 1967 in the United States and now features thousands of articles, blogs and most importantly, a very user friendly directory which has recently migrated to the United Kingdom and other countries. At the moment, signup in the UK is FREE

The Mini Course

My free online mini course walks you through set up and editing of your PT profile wording. I have created a formula for writing three authentic and specific paragraphs for your PT profile and over 500 therapists have enrolled and taken my course so far! 

My Formula

There is a bit of a process to developing the vocabulary which will connect us with the clients we do our best work with, so I encourage you to take the course and do the initial niche and keyword related brainstorming exercises. I split the main profile text into three themes containing three specific questions which will produce the basis of your PT profile wording:

Paragraph 1: Empathy

Paragraph 2: Hope

Paragraph 3: Action

The rest of the course walks you through examples and then tidies up all the other sections.

A Word About The Numbers

Does your heart sink when you get that email through from Psychology Today telling you thousands of people viewed your page and only TWO people contacted you?

Do not be discouraged!

I think of my directory listing as a pre screening. Clicking just means I’m in the right location and they like my photo. Clicking to my website means I wrote good copy, or a good first few lines. 

Not clicking through means they noticed in my copy that we are not a good match (for whatever reason). I am 100% confident that my profile attracts the clients I do my best work with to me, because I LOVE working with those that have found me this way.

So profile clicks and views aren’t the numbers I look at. The fewer calls I get, the better job my profile is doing.

Yes, I mean that!

It means people are getting all the information they need to know if we may fit. Nobody emails asking for my fees, or training, or expertise. They see it and it saves them time.

How Can We Gauge Success?

What I look at is conversion, not clickthroughs.

Does every person who emails me go through with an intro consult and do I convert them to clients and/or refer them to someone better? That’s the number I’m looking at.

Occasionally, if we don’t find a time to talk we lose momentum or they find someone else, but I am on a strong streak of around 80-90% conversions. I believe this is because by the time clients find me, they know I am the right therapist for them from the way I write and the content of my profile

Try looking at your conversion rates and screening process rather than clicks, and view your PT profile as a pre-screening tool.

How Can We Help?

Click to enroll inHow to Write Your Psychology Today Profile” free mini course including examples.

To share your edits and get feedback from me on your profile text, join our Facebook group.

And if you would like support with your screening process, we have a screening call template to help you with that too.